How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently

Gmail3Everyone has multiple email accounts. In that mostly all of us contain multiple Gmail accounts. This is because creation of Gmail account is very easy process and it gives lots of free space to store your personnel files through cloud. So that’s why everyone is creating Gmail account for different purposes.
 These different purposes are like registering in to one website then create a new mail id by using Gmail. So for register in to any website that asks registration we can create a new mail id in Gmail and registered in that website.
For suppose if you don’t want use your Gmail account and want permanently delete that account then what will you do. Next you receive lots of spam messages and unwanted marketing and lots of unused mails are received in to your mail box. Its very irritating to delete that unwanted mails and time waste also. 
So to stop this unwanted mails sometimes you just go through the link called “Unsubscribe”. But while you open that link, then you see a webpage like “ Page not available” but you receive mails from that site. So what we do. Most of the times unsubscribe links are not working. At this situation we don’t do anything to stop that unwanted mails and spam messages. So its better to delete that account permanently.
In order to delete Gmail account Gmail provides the feature called data and contacts download or  back up. So you need not be worried about your personnel data loss. But from next time you create new mail account be careful while registering into unknown websites and chat forums and don’t give your original mail id in online surveys.

How to Backup Your Data Before Gmail Account:

1. Login to your Gmail account. Click on your profile picture and click on Account.
account img
2. Your Gmail account settings will be opened. Here you see Account, Security, Profile & Privacy, Google + and Products.
3. Click on Account and under that select “Download Your Data”. Here Click on the Download Button to download all of you Gmail Data.
download data
4. You can individually download your Gmail data like Profile Data, Contacts, Circles data, Picasa web albums.
5. A compressed zip file will be downloaded and save it in your system
6. This is the process to Back up your personnel data before delete your Gmail account.
Now the next process is How to delete Gmail account Permanently.

How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently:

1. Login to your Gmail account and Click on your profile picture.
2. In that click on Account and it will opened account settings.
account img
3. Account settings contains the profile information and Account manage settings. Go to bottom of that page and find Account Management.
4. Account management has two options. One is delete profile and remove all Google + features. Next one is close account and delete all services and information associated with it.
delete gmail
5. If you want to reopen your Gmail account in future then select first one. Otherwise choose second option.
6. To delete permanently you need to select the second option that is close account and delete all services information.
7. It will shows you all the Google features and select all services to delete and enter password and click on Delete Google Account. 
gmail delete
8. This is the process to delete Gmail account Permanently.
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