How to Access Multiple Gmail Accounts from one Gmail Account

multiple gmail accountsDo you want to login only one Gmail account and want to access your other Gmail accounts without login to that accounts. Then read this tutorial. You will manage all your accounts from one account without login to the other accounts. 
Now a day everyone has a email account and especially that is Gmail account. So everyone has contains more than one email account. Whenever you have multiple accounts its some difficult to access all these accounts by login to every account. You can reduce this login process by using the below trick. 
Do you have more than two email accounts in Gmail? Then how can you can your multiple emails. Are you login to all your Gmail accounts and checking your email? Actually this is not necessary to login to your email accounts. 
Do you know you can access all your Gmail accounts from only one Gmail account? Yes this is possible by doing small settings in Gmail. Here I would like to tell about that trick. With this trick you can access all of your Gmail accounts from only one Gmail account without login to all Gmail accounts. 
To gain access from all your Gmail accounts in one Gmail account simply open your Gmail account and do the below small trick. Then after these settings you can access all your Gmail accounts from one specified account. 

How to Setup Multiple Accounts:

I will explain this trick practically. Because there is some confusion in the process of adding multiple accounts to one account. Follow the below steps to achieve this…. 
For suppose you have contain 5 Gmail accounts like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. In these 5 accounts first account is your daily accessed email account. Other 4 accounts are rarely used accounts. So apply this trick on the remaining 4 email accounts that are 2, 3, 4, and 5. No need to do any settings in the main account that is 1. 
1. Open your second email account by login and go to settings. These settings are available under your account picture as a gear symbol. 
2. Settings contains multiple options to modify your Gmail account as per your needs. 

3. In these settings go to Accounts tab and in that scroll down to see “Grant Access to your account”. 
4. To add grant access to main account click on add another account. 
5. It will open one pop up window asking for enter your Gmail account. Here you must enter the main account email id. 
enter mail id
6. Next a confirmation mail is sent to the main email. From our above example a confirmation mail is send to the 1st email account that is main account. 
7. Open that email in main account and click on that link to grant access to the secondary email. 
8. Now the access permission to the secondary email is granted to your main account.
9. So do the above steps in all your 3rd , 4th , 5th etc.. email accounts. 
10. Now all your secondary email that are 2nd ,3rd , 4th , 5th etc. .. email accounts are configured with your main email that is frequently used email. 
11. From now onwards you don’t require to login to all of your Gmail accounts. Just login to your main account and access all of your other Gmail accounts instantly without login to other accounts from main Gmail account. 
muliple maills
12. To open your added accounts from this main account just click on your account picture and then it shows you the email accounts linked with your account. Simply click on that email account. It will open in a new tab without login to that account. From that email account you can send and receive emails.
Note: After adding the email accounts it will take 30 minutes to add to your main email account.
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