5 Best and Free System Cleaning Apps for Android

Do you really need a system cleaning app for android mobiles?Yes cleaning apps are necessary to improve your mobile performance.

Now a days every one uses smartphones,especially android mobile usage is gradually increased day by day.Because of its features and availability of applications in the android app stores.Its ok you use android latest version and your android mobile gives greatest performance with full of hardware specifications.But they are helpful and works effective on the starting days of purchasing mobile only.Because after that we install lot of applications,games and themes on our mobile.So system resources are fully usable by those applications.

So you need to use powerful system cleaning apps to boost up your mobile performance.Check out the below list

1. Clean Master (Cleaner)

Clean master is the popular and free system cleaning application and it is the top most application in all android app stores with millions of downloads.It definitely optimize your mobile performance.Be aware of other applications named like clean master.

clean master


  • It removes cache files and other junk files which occupy more space on mobile
  • It deletes your personal information with your permission like sms history,search history and browsing history
  • It moves all apps to sd card and free up space on mobile storage,uninstall preinstalled apps
  • It detects high battery consuming apps and shutdown their processes in background
  • Memory booster widget is useful to boost up memory of your mobile
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2. Advanced Task Manager

Advanced Task Manager isĀ  a popular system task manager which mainly focuses on android mobile health by stopping the high battery and memory consuming applications.

advanced task manager


  • It stops the memory consuming applications in different ways
  • Quick uninstaller removes the applications with one click
  • Remove applications which cause system start up delay
  • It have an option to auto kill tasks on every screen off
  • Android optimizer option is useful to optimize mobile with various settings

3. GO Cleaner & Task manager

GO Cleaner & Task manager is a multi functionality application which works perfectly on ever android mobile.It have both task manager and cleaner app features.So you can optimize your mobile with in minutes of time by removing all waste files.It have both free and pro versions.

go cleaner


  • Clean cache memory of applications and free up space on your mobile
  • It removes .apk backup files which are not useful on the system
  • It deletes both online and offline activities of your personal information such as call records and browsing history
  • You can kill all memory consuming applications with one click.

4. All-In-One Toolbox

As the name suggests it is an all in one toolbox which contains all useful utilities to maintain your android mobile freshly and improve the performance by deleting and free up memory space.

all in one toolbax


  • It have total 27 toolbox apps to maintain the performance without downgrading
  • Some toolbox apps are apk cleaner,app to sd card,batch uninstaller,start up manager etc
  • Easy to use interface
  • One key to optimize system performance with automatic configuration
  • One click task cleaner clean tasks at a time
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5. Super Manager 3.0

Super Manager is a powerful utility which contains more than 20 apps to improve the performance of your mobile with in minutes of cleaning process.If you install this software then you can replace it with more well known software.

super manager


  • Auto memory clean up is useful to clean unnecessary files and cache memory and free up storage space in mobile
  • It have powerful apk manager to view,backup and remove apk files with one click
  • Signal booster helps to refresh signal and give best signal within the area
  • Start up manager manages the start up applications which are started on booting time

These are the 5 best system cleaning and managing applications to improve your mobile performance.

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