Android Is Safer: Thanks to the Open Source Community

Anyone with the necessary knowledge can read and check the Android code is worthy of trust. Not only check, but the Android community has supported almost all the time the reviewers to improve the code and help fix bugs that may jeopardize our security against surprise attacks. It is an additional security than proprietary systems.

Lately it is questioning Google’s ability to defend at all costs the free nature of Android. Profits of the operating system are open source which are large and distinct. Normally keep in mind it is usually personalization as one of the clear benefits, but what we often forget is that in security, an open development can help positively.

Since the inception of Google Android has worked closely with leading security firms to offer safe and secure products. Some recent examples show that Google continues to cooperate with the open source community in the search for better security could be the following:

Google Reward Program Patch

Google Reward Program Patch

Android is part of Google Rewards Program to resolve bugs. This is basically that Google pays developers who contribute to patch and fix security flaws. Open source of the most popular applications may contain bugs, if you depend on Google alone their own engineers to solve it would be a real problem, so Google relies on the community to prevent possible threats.

Community improvement in the safety of Android 4.4

Android 4.4

KitKat has been strengthened with the Android sandbox prevents applications that extend outside of the permissions they have and damaging other parts. Happened to the SELinux restricted mode as we saw among the novelties of KitKat. The SELinux kernel and many of the other parts of the code has been provided by third-party developers.

Android security layers 01

Android security layers 01

These programmers have offered their code completely in open manner, which has contributed to the core of Android, is very safe. As seen in the image, Android has multiple levels of security, which even Google Play belongs to the Mountain View other if they tend to get paid great improvements by the community.

Pwn2Own Mobile

Pwn2Own Mobile

Periodically conventions where research is conducted, information are shared and discussed progress on security. The world’s leading experts gather at this year’s conference PacSec security. There will be competition Pwn2Own it comes to finding exploits on the most popular devices. Moment it seems that Android devices in the Nexus holds, see if vulnerabilities such as the SMS are in anecdote.

The Android team is accustomed to working with the research community safety. Google encourages public debates and conferences to advance as mentioned in this regard. This openness has helped Android Smartphones to achieve greater security than if Google would close the code for them.

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  1. Ya I do really agree with this post, Android inspite of so many apps it is very safe.

  2. I don’t think any thing can beat Android. It is awesome and fantastic.

  3. Great write up on Android, as I too agree that it is very good and safer as said by you.

  4. Now a days technology has reached at such a height that people are always in fear with some or the other out force may attack them professionally or personally. Yes, I do agree that Android has spread in all the areas with its latest technologies. And all are very satisfactory and trust it as it is very safer……….

  5. I liked your website a lot it is very good and with nice articles… Keep going dude.

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