How Should Companies Talk on Social Networks?

One of the key for a company to have stability and can go towards a successful path in social media will be the way you interact with your community. Such as conducting the conversation with them, and generate relationships and feedback elements. Login to social networks it take minutes, it’s just a matter of opening an account in Twitter, Facebook or other networks and ready and the company appeared in the social media world, but getting to excite people, that is another story.

Here I share a number of elements that I recommend having your conversation as a company with a network of supporters, always keep in mind that what you seek is to reach the emotional issue, not transactional, people want to follow your brand, love your brand, in the end, is what it is.

Digital identity:

Digital identity

You have to define very clearly what will be the personality of your organization in social media. Remember that the purpose of the network is to contact people. How do you wish to be seen, Like an entrepreneur, a consultant, a young funny, mature executive, man, woman, someone motivator, someone carefree?, Etc.. Think about your market and display yourself, of course always think of that makes sense to your business.

Be casual:

Be casual

Social networks are about small talk between people, which are very relaxed and nothing formal. The companies find it hard to lose their rigidity, find it hard to stop being institutional, but believe me, if you were to take the ecosystem of social networks to physical context, it would be almost like being in a meeting with some friends, like being with a coffee various talking some deeper than others but always with a simple and casual topics.


talk, talk, interact with people

Community social networks wants to talk, talk, interact with people, not machines, internet forms or publications that cannot respond. The key is that companies should be seen as an identity of a person, a human who is on the other side and that can understand.

Generating reactions occur publications looking your emotions, your followers answer or relayed what you commented or content you’ve provided, try different items until you find those that produce see what your company wants.



Seem ironic, but one of the elements of conversation that most reactions are generated are greetings, good morning to start your activity, good afternoon / evening to finish it, ask how their day is going or what he did over the weekend generates a very interesting connection, also greet people in particular gives a good insight into a company that likes to talk to your community.



Social media is a two-way model is said goodbye to a company that just sends messages and advertising, now people ask the company makes mention of the brand, complains in public. Among one of the most important obligations of a company on social networks, will be answering questions and comments from the audience, which come in both positive and what is negative.

Ask friends about your community and your friends, you find that they feel confident with your company, this will strengthen the relationship, and the community will converse with the brand, promoted and in times of crisis support.

At the end as a company you should be clear that what is sought in social networking is to build relationships, establish links, to love your brand. Social networks should be a tool to connect your company with a market and that subsequently become new business opportunities, positioning, open to new places, to get to places or segments that would otherwise be difficult to enter.

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  1. Zeo

    I do completely agree with this article… As now a days social networking are playing very important role to build up a company. This post will be very useful to all.

  2. Very important and useful points are highlighted, which has to be followed for good social networking. Each and every point is so interesting that If we follow them strictly, it will be a great help.

  3. Hi there………..

    Very good and useful points dude. I would like to know in digital identity we have to present ourself or company as a whole. All the tips are very useful… I’ll definitely follow them in my professional life.

  4. Very good post on social networking. This is very important to be careful while working on social media. This completely reflects our personality.

  5. I do agree with the points shared in this post and even what Mr.Suresh said, because online we don’t communicate face to face that is the reason what ever we speak online reflects our personality.

  6. Now a days as social media is playing a very vital role, therefore we need to communicate carefully. Personally we don’t trust people that much, how we trust people online and do huge transactions.

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